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Space Suit Developments for Future Exploration

  • Rice University Baker Institute of Public Policy 6100 Main Street Houston, TX 77005 (map)

The increased government and private space activities have necessitated the development of new space suits for intravehicular and extravehicular activity.  This Session will review the status of these developments.

Chair: Chris Hansen, Manager, NASA Extravehicular Office, USA

Organizer: Michael Lopez-Alegria, Retired Astronaut, Principal, MLA Space, USA


  • CAPT Dan Burbank, USCG (ret), Retired Astronaut, Senior Technical Fellow, Collins Aerospace, USA

  • Joe McMann, Retired NASA EVA Suit Engineer, Principal, Olde Irish Consulting,USA

  • Kathleen Rubins, PhD, NASA Astronaut, USA

(Open to invited students and faculty only)